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Xiong'an Boot Area Urban Design 雄安启动区城市设计





Xiong'an, China


38 square km


2018 - 2019


Xiong'an New Area Administrative Committee


Wei Chen


TLS Landscape Architecture


For thousands of years, Baiyangdian—the vast freshwater lake adjacent to Xiong’an— has witnessed the interdependent relationship between humans and nature, which is also the design inspiration for the selected scheme’s theme of “City for Life”. The urban design vision centers around people’s lives and provides the foundation for an ever-evolving city. The native landscape of forests and wetlands is deeply interwoven with the city along new waterways. Much as a new tree flourishes on the shoreline, Xiong-an’s open space has its roots in Baiyangdian with its trunk, branches, and fruits growing deep into the city. Returning to ecological living based on the seasons will provide the residents with health, wellbeing and quality of life.

The new city is also deeply rooted in Chinese culture and the way of life borne by natural changes in the heavens and the earth. Nature and life are the most important topics in the 38 square kilometer start-up area. The tradition of harmony between man and nature depicts the picture of harmony between man and nature for thousands of years. We all depend on nature, but modern urban life has, in some ways been preoccupied by technology, internet, and social media, and distance from the reality of nature has increased.

Our vision for Xiong’an is to have a city that will make people’s daily life more intertwined with the changes of nature, flowers, birds, insects, sun and moon stars, and the sense of meaning within our lives.

The twenty-four solar terms are Chinese people`s most delicate expression of nature, and they are a cultural gene rooted in the homeland. For thousands of years, it has profoundly affected people’s life rhythm, folklore, poetry literature, natural aesthetics and emotional experience. The solar terms also make people aware of the changes and living conditions of animals and plants. Through the characteristics and atmosphere of the place, plant design, outdoor activity planning, habitat creation, landscape element design and cultural significance of the solar terms can become more alive for this community. In every space we create, we can embrace the beauty and profound nature of seasonal changes that have been so important in our legacy.

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